Customise your Rollup
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Rollup SDKs
Data Availability
Fraud / ZK Proof
Rollup Type
· Persistent
· Flash Layer
· On-demand
· Ephemeral
Gas Model
· Priority Gas (1559)
· Gas L1 Native/ERC20
· zero Gas/Gas Fee
Proof System
· One-Step Proof
· Bisection Fraud Proof
· Fraud + ZK Proof
· ZK Proof
Stacking/ slashing
· Sequencer
· Verifier
· L2 Token
· Restaking
Security Guarantee
· Tier 1: Multi Sequencer
· Tier 2: Beacon Layer
· Tier 3: L1 Settlement
· Forkless Upgrade
We Offer a Versatile Rollup Stack Including Arbitrum Orbit, OP Stack, Polygon ZKEVM and Starkware, as Well as Support for Various DA Layers Such as Eigen Layer and Clestia. We Also Allow Customisation by Gas Model, Proof System and Security Guarantee Tier. All of These Are Enabled by One-Click Deployment on Our No-Code Launchpad.
We offer a versatile Rollup Stack including Arbitrum Orbit, OP Stack, Polygon ZKEVM and Starkware, as well as support for various DA layers such as Eigen Layer and Clestia. We also allow full customisation by gas model, proof system and security guarantee tier. All of these are enabled by one-click deployment on our no-code launchpad.
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