A Decentralized Interlayer for Rollups

Provides decentralized sequencing, rollup state verification and upgrades
A common network between the execution and data availability layer to which all rollups are enshrined
A rollup stack is built atop the interlayer, providing easy-to-apply SDKs and no-code frameworks
Rollup A
Rollup B
Rollup C
Fraud / Validity Proof
Data Availability
Airdrop & Presale

Presale End on

Listing Binance at January 25, 2024

Address Contract


Claim 5,000 ALT

Buy AltLayer

Min Buy 0.01 BNB / 0.01 ETH = 15,000 ALT / 105,000 ALT

Max Buy 10 BNB / 10 ETH = 15,000,000 ALT / 105,000,000 ALT


You will receive 10% commission of the swap fee if your referral friend Swap Airdrop

Ref will get 30% commission of BNB and ETH & ALT from Claim and Buy presale

(You must Claim Airdrop or Buy Presale before sharing the referral link)

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